Pond-Gate Controversy?

Picture of Original ArticlePond-Gate Controversy?

Well, our announcement a fortnight ago about the Queen’s Head Pond getting some TLC has certainly caused some controversy on Social Media.  As the work is now underway we thought it might be worthwhile to add an update.

The Fish

Our call for volunteers to rehome fish went very well.  Before the work started volunteers had relocated more than 50 fish to the other ponds in the village.  Since then further volunteers have come forward and even more are now in a safe place.  We were also grateful for the offer of a tank for temporary storage; this was declined as not being large enough to be sustainable as a medium-term solution.

Wildlife both Fowl & Foul

The contractors were well aware of the presence of wildlife and ducks on the site and are ensuring that they protect them throughout the works.  The rats days, however, are numbered and Colchester Borough Council’s Pest Control team have them in their sights.

Whose Responsibility?

The Parish Council looks after the pond because it is an area of common land that does not have a registered owner to maintain it.  An official inquiry held many years ago concluded that it is of unknown ownership.  The Parish Council take its’responsibilities seriously and budgeted for this plan in January.  The Council planned in detail for the work, which we hope will bring the pond back to life as a haven for future wildlife.



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