Playground Consultation Open Responses & Comments

Imagination of what the new playground might look like
How the new Playground might look

Playground Consultation Open

As reported last month, the Playground project has made great strides and the Playground Consultation is now open for your responses.

A draft plan is now available for public consultation, based on Playground Advisory Group suggestions, before a final decision is made.  The consultation questionnaire is now online and we encourage as many residents (of ALL ages) to respond in this way.  A paper option is also available.

Introduction to the plan

The Parish Council believed the play equipment at the Lorkin Daniell field needed to be reviewed in terms of:

  • whether it remains fit for purpose,
  • catering for the needs of the community,
  • age group appeal, and
  • the balance of equipment, type and number.

Interested parties, parents, guardians and councillors established a Playground Advisory Group last Autumn.  Their remit was to consider ways of funding such a project and to develop a strategy for the evolution of the site.  Current thinking is that the plan will run over three years.   Much of the old equipment will be phased out over that period although current equipment, which is still appropriate, will be refurbished and integrated with the new.

Possible phased implementation

Milestone Funding Reached

The Trustees of the Lorkin Daniell Field have considered a proposal from the Playground Advisory Group and sufficient funding for the first phase has been secured.

The plan on the right gives an indication of what the final area might look like, the project is expected to be phased over 2 – 3 years.

Further Funding

The Playground Advisory Group have made great strides in fundraising, e.g. the Film Club initiative has proved a popular fundraiser.  Slightly less exciting, but a direct contributor is a crowdfunding initiative they have set up.  This has nearly £3,000 pledged already and you can add your pledge here.

More Details at Parish Meeting

The Trustees are keen to receive community views on the proposals and to consider any new ideas. The Playground Advisory Group will give a more detailed presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm in the Orpen Hall on Weds 24th April 2019.

Consultation Timetable & Resources