Final Referendum Version of Neighbourhood Plan

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Final Referendum NP CoverFinal Referendum Version

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have done their part, now it’s over to you – Please vote YES on the 19th September!

West Bergholt submitted its final draft Neighbourhood Plan for ‘Regulation 16 consultation’ in January this year.  This latest version incorporates feedback received during that consultation.   View the responses to the Reg 16 consultation, Examination Report and Decision Statement online on the CBC website.  The final stage for adopting this Neighbourhood Plan is a Parish referendum.

The Parish Council and the NP Steering Group would like to thank everyone for their support in getting the NP to this stage.

Referendum Documents

The following documents are available for consideration by voters in advance of the referendum:

  • Final Version Neighbourhood Plan.
    • Updated 27th August, 2 minor changes:
      • in 15.4.4, small paragraph after map, and
      • in 15.5.2, 2nd paragraph.
    • Updated 28th August, 3 minor changes:
      • in Forward, the reference to Regulation 16 deleted,
      • in 6.2.5 EU Obligations, a minor update to RAMS/appropriate assessment test, and
      • in 6.3.3, updated reference to Regulation 16.

Appendix 1 – Maps

Appendix 2 – Supporting Documents

  1. List of Planning Policies;
  2. Schedule of Local Green Spaces;
  3. Photos of views related to Map CA7;
  4. Deliverability letters relating to Sites A & B;
  5. Consultation Report on Surveys carried out at key stages of WB Neighbourhood Plan;
  6. CBC West Bergholt HRA Screening;
  7. CBC West Bergholt SEA Screening;
  8. Sports Site Analysis;
  9. Action Plan & List of Community Ambitions;
  10. Infrastructure List;
  11. CBC Settlement Boundary Review final June 2017;
  12. Report on the Assessment of Potential Housing Sites;
  13. West Bergholt Village Appraisal 1995;
  14. Parish Plan 2008;
  15. Village Design Statement Dec 2011;
  16. RCCE Community Profile of West Bergholt;
  17. RCCE Housing Needs Survey 2015;
  18. West Bergholt Position Statement;
  19. WBNP Consultation Statement;
  20. Responses to Regulation 14 Consultation;
  21. West Bergholt Basic Conditions Statement December 2018.