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About the West Bergholt Planning & Development Committee

Settlement Boundaries as agreed in Neighbourhood Plan

West Bergholt Parish Council is a statutory consultee to Colchester Borough Council (CBC- the Local Planning Authority) for all domestic and business planning applications that relate to the parish area. The Parish Council is also a consultee on planning applications relating to waste, minerals, schools and certain highway matters to Essex County Council (ECC). As a consultee, the final decision rests with either CBC or ECC and not with the Parish Council.

The Planning & Development Committee is constituted to consider and to respond on behalf of the Parish Council in respect of such applications. The Committee meets on a monthly basis, normally on the 3rd Wednesday. In this section of the website you can view the latest committee agenda, planning decisions and past minutes.

You can read the committee’s terms of reference here. Past minutes can be found here.

How decisions are taken

  1. For applications on the published agenda the Committee is authorised by the Parish Council to take decisions. The decision area covers the Parish Council’s response to the application as a statutory consultee to Colchester Borough Council the Planning Authority.
  2. If there is a Planning Application (or correspondence received) which post-dates the publishing of the agenda, and which cannot await the next meeting of the Committee, then such matters will be discussed at the meeting, but the Committee will not take a decision. Instead, it will make a recommendation to the next advertised appropriate meeting; this is likely to be the next full Parish Council meeting. If this is the case, the matter concerned will appear on the Parish Council published agenda.

Public Attendance

Planning & Development  meetings are open to the public as with full council. If interested in attending please read the notes about public attendance here.

Planning Map

Colchester Borough Council provide a searchable database of historic and current planning applications that can be viewed on a map.

Screen shot of CBC's Planning Application mapview.

You can view it live here.


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