Orpen Hall Roof Re-Tiling – Starts Soon

Orpen Hall Roof
Count the missing tiles!

Orpen Hall Roof Re-Tiling

Parts of the roof of Orpen Hall were repaired 10 years ago but other parts now need repair; unsurprising given they were laid in 1938!  Accordingly, M J Group Construction & Roofing under the supervision of Ingleton Wood Project Management, have been contracted to re-tile the oldest parts of the roof.

Enovert Community Trust are funding the work which starts on 1st February 2020; it is expected to take 12 weeks.  The first task is to erect scaffolding around the full perimeter of the Hall; unfortunately, this means that a small number of car parking spaces will be lost.

The Parish Council apologies for any slight inconvenience the works may temporarily cause but if you do have any queries please email: [email protected] or phone 01206 240772.