Lockdown Strikes – No Cakes!

One of 2020 Xmas Cards - features Old Church Organ - but no cakes

Lockdown Strikes – No Cakes!

Last week’s news roundup spoke of fundraising ideas from the Friends of St Mary’s Old Church but there will now be no cakes.  Unfortunately, Lockdown restrictions have made it very difficult to organise the sale of cakes, Cards & books on Saturday as had been planned.  There is a slim chance that they may be able to rearrange for December but this is likely to be too late for Xmas post.

Gift Idea?

If you would like to buy one of the books as a Xmas gift and send it together with one of the Old Church cards then please contact Jane 01206 240167 or Gill 01206 240512 for information on how to buy them.  They can deliver around the village.

What You Will be Getting

  • Christmas Cards featuring the Old Church – pack of 6 for just £3.50 or SPECIAL OFFER – 3 packs for £10.
  • Jon Landers’ books:
    • “People, Priests and Problems of a Country Parish”.  This describes 1,200 years of West Bergholt’s history. A bargain at just £3.
    • “The Queen’s Champion”.  This tells the story of Thomas Abell who for part of his early life lived in Cooks Hall Farm. In 1527 he was appointed Queen Catherine of Aragon’s chaplain and sealed his fate defending her claim to the throne.  Just £5 for this insight into Tudor ‘politics’.

Please have the exact money, no change will be carried.