Lexden Road Pond Facelift Update

Lexden Road pondLexden Road Pond Facelift Update

Parish Councillor Phil Spencer reports on completion of the Lexden Road Pond facelift.

Badly Silted

Sadly the pond had become badly silted over the years.  By mid-Summer it had become an overgrown stagnant pool, with little signs of life.  Remedial work was clearly required to restore the habitat to it’s former glory.


The work is now completed. A local contractor has removed approximately 500 tonnes of silt and  exposed the springs feeding the pond allowing it to fill slowly.

The contractor removed the silt and invasive Reed Mace and Goat Willow from part of the pond edge.  They then created gently sloping terraced banks with small inlets to allow more varied wildlife to re-establish quickly.

After remedial work on ponds an ‘algal bloom’, caused by a release of nutrients from the pond floor, can occur. To alleviate this we will place in the pond barley straw bales, a proven natural method to control this problem.

Taking Opportunity

Taking advantage of the empty pond, the handymen accessed the island to clear the Goat Willow which had invaded it.  This exposed the silver birch tree which had re-grown after being cut down inadvertently several years before. It is hoped that, once again, the island can become a refuge for ducks and other wild life.

Lexden Road pond is one of the largest areas of open water in the heart of the village; it is a great spot to relax for five minutes. It also offers a great opportunity to create a beautiful, environmentally important habitat for us all to enjoy.