Keeping Up To Date on COVID-19

Keeping Up To Date on COVID-19

If you want to keep up to date on COVID-19 with a local slant then it is worth tracking Essex County Council’s information page.  ECC update this daily with news specific to Essex but it also gives highlights of recent national government announcements.  Some of the biggest items addressed most recently are:

Appeal from Council Leader and Director of Public Health

Cllr David Finch and Dr Mike Gogarty express their dismay about the behaviour of members of the public over the weekend.  The government have issued very clear appeals to socially distance.  They draw attention to the real risk of half-a-million people dying in the UK if we don’t start taking things seriously.

Closure & Changes to Services

Cllr David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council, said:

The overriding imperative to keep people safe during the coronavirus outbreak means that we had had to take a number of difficult decisions today; this will continue through next week.

Disruption to and in some cases the closure of our services is inevitable.  I know the public will appreciate the position we are in, where we are left with little choice if we are to stem the spread of coronavirus and protect our NHS from coming under intolerable pressure.

All of the latest information is available via our website and social media channels and I would urge everyone to keep up to date on the situation in Essex as changes are being announced on a daily basis.

Services affected include:

  • Essex Libraries,
  • Country Parks,
  • Education establishments,
  • Essex Outdoors,
  • Youth Service,
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Bus passes - consultationEssex Bus Operators Extend Validity of Bus Passes

Essex County Council and Bus Operator’s have agreed to extend the times at which free bus passes can be used.

Normally bus passes can only be used after 09:00 on weekdays and all the time at weekends.  From Saturday 21st March 2020, they will be able to be used at all times, on all days.  This arrangement is temporary but is intended to remain in place during the health emergency.

Hear Directly from HMG

If you would like to keep up-to-date with the government information as it comes out you can sign-up to their Covid-19 response bulletin.