Heathlands Calls for Your Help

Your Help is Needed to Raise Funds

Like most schools today, fundraising is essential to Heathlands. Whilst they have done well despite COVID-19 (see their end-of-year update), the PTA needs your help once again and it couldn’t be at a more convenient time.

Perfect Time for a Clear Out

As we are easing out of Lockdown the time is perfect for you to be checking your wardrobe to make sure you are ready to be set free. Heathlands PTA have arranged for a Bag2School collection on Thursday 13th May. So, with rain forecast this weekend, why not get out your plastic sacks and fill them with:

  • unwanted clothes,
  • bedding (not duvets), &
  • shoes (paired together)?

You don’t need to have any connection with Heathlands to help with this. All you need is an Eco-conscience and a desire to divert unwanted textiles away from landfills.

The PTA will put up a Gazebo in the staff car park on Tuesday 11th May. Please drop off your bags there whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.


During these uncertain times it’s challenging to fundraise responsibly. If you have any questions about this project please contact the PTA at [email protected].

A Bit About Bag2School

Bag2School is a trading name of Next Best Clothing Ltd, the largest textile collection company working with schools in the UK. Founded in 1999, they have now paid over £36 million to schools, nurseries, playgroups, pre-school groups and churches which is helping the Circular Economy. With their trading stablemate Bag2TheFuture, they provide a free fundraising service for anyone wanting to raise funds using a resource EVERYONE has got in their wardrobe – unwanted clothes. Better still, the bags used for collections are all recycled! All clothing collected by Bag2School is sold, either sorted or un-sorted, to importers and wholesalers in many countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia.