Great British Spring Clean 2019

Great British Spring Clean 2019Great British Spring Clean 2019

The Keep Britain Tidy campaign is organising Great British Spring Clean 2019 which runs between 22nd March – 23rd April.  They’re aiming to inspire around half a million people to join forces – in partnership with community organisations, businesses and councils – to collect and safely dispose of litter from our streets, parks and beaches, recycling as much as possible.

Get involved

Last year, countrywide, nearly 400,000 volunteered to participate in the 2018 Spring Clean with just 11 in West Bergholt.  Despite the numbers, they filled 10 bags of rubbish and found 2 exhausts as well!  So far this year we have already had 5 more register their support so why not join them and make it a bumper year.

Litter should not be accepted as a norm, it degrades the beauty of our environment and threatens to harm wildlife. The West Bergholt Litter Warriors will be leading the 2019 Spring Clean of the village on Saturday 20th April between 10-11 am. Meet outside the Orpen Memorial Hall at 10 am. All are welcome, Hi-Vis jackets and litter-pick equipment will be provided as well as refreshments in the Hall after the event.

Why the need?

Food packaging, plastic bottles, takeaway meals and cigarette butts have all contributed to a growing menace that affects our wildlife, streets, countryside and sense of pride.  Unfortunately, our society contains many individuals who have no sense of responsibility for our local environment.  According to a report by the CPRE and the Policy Exchange, since the 1960s, littering has grown by 500%. Moreover, local authorities spend nearly £1 billion picking up litter every year.

How to join the clean-up

You can request to take part in this clean-up by completing a short online form. The organiser will contact you with further information and to confirm your attendance.

Can’t join us but still want to help?

Keep Britain Tidy offers suggestions as to how you can help if you can’t attend the village event:


Don’t let that stop you. Could you pick up ten pieces on the way to work or on your lunchbreak? Imagine if everyone picked up ten pieces and what a difference it would make. Or organise your colleagues to do a clean-up on your lunchbreak or after work.

Looking after the kids?

Great news – get them out helping you. Lots of schools are also running their own Great Big School Clean during the Great British Spring Clean, so your kids can show you how. It’s a fantastic habit to get them into, with good exercise and fresh air. And it’s never too young to get them started, nursery groups are already getting involved.

Got plans with friends?

Catch up while you pick up. You can catch up with friends and do something good at the same time.  There’s no need to organise anything, just join a clean-up near you or pledge to do your own.  If your plans involve a social activity, why not do a litter-pick first and then head to a café or pub afterwards to celebrate your good work.