Good News for Neighbourhood Plan

Colchester Local Plan Gives a Boost to our Neighbourhood Plan

Logo of the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan project

Colchester adopted Section 2 of its’ Local Plan (CLP) on 4th July 2022, this is good news for our Neighbourhood Plan. You may well recall the upset when, on appeal, the Planning Inspectorate granted NEEB approval to develop the site off Armoury Road. The Parish Council, and villagers generally, felt that the decision was irrational but such a decision should not be able to made again thanks to the CLP.

The Parish Council have been successful in getting the following changes included in the CLP:

6.227 The West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan was made in 2019. It sets out the planning policy framework needed to support the delivery of 120 houses to 2033 and to guide and meet all other development or community needs identified by the community in West Bergholt.

Policy SS15: West Bergholt:  All development proposals in West Bergholt parish will be determined against and be required to comply with policies in the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan and any relevant Local Plan policies.

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