Four Footpaths Named in Honour of the Fallen

Rhys Lloyd at Memorial Way
Rhys Lloyd, whose idea it was, at Memorial Way

Four Footpaths Named in Honour of the Fallen

The Local History Group is proud to announce that, after 6 months of discussion and planning, four footpaths have been named with a ‘Memorial’ sign at each end of the paths.  Each of the signs includes the word MEMORIAL.  They mark the commemoration of the centenary of the end of the Great War; in particular the fact that over 170 villagers joined the British Forces of which at least 27 made the ultimate sacrifice.

Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion Industries made the signs; they provide employment for ex-servicemen, particularly those with disabilities after they have left military service. 


We wish to acknowledge that the original idea was suggested by Rhys Lloyd and that we have had the full support of the Parish Council, the District Councillors, Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council Highways Department.   We also wish to thank those villagers who enthusiastically allowed us to fix the signs on their fences.

Peter Noakes Chair of WBLHG 26th November 2018

Four new footpath names

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