Environment & Highways – 9th July 2020

Environment Report 9th July 2020Environment & Highways – 9th July 2020

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met via Zoom on 9th July 2020 and discussed:

  • Wildflower areas,
  • Allotments,
  • Village Ponds,
  • Scout Hut,
  • Street Signs,
  • Lorkin Daniell Field, play area, encroachment & motor bikes.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 9th July 2020 via Zoom

Committee members present John Gili-Ross, Phil Spencer, David Short, Norma Smith, Jenny Church
Apologies Harry Stone



Handyman Report

  Essex devolved activity continues.

Matt has been litter picking and hedge tidying on a regular basis.

Street signs have been cleared back of vegetation and tidied.

Two new bollards to be purchased for the Lorkin Daniell Field to replace the old bollards that create a grounding hazard for vehicles using the field for the village fete etc.

Overgrowth at gate on LD field to Colchester Road needs cutting back.

The associated gate needs repair which David will investigate.

Matt has been clearing overgrowth by Scout Hut on Heath.  Bracken needs cutting back where necessary but care needed to protect the heather.

Properties on Lexden Road have overgrowing hedges – letters sent to householders.

New Church Road hedge will need trimming before school starts together with the hedge along School Lane as brambles are growing through.


Development of wildflower areas.

  Phil and Norma have walked the village to investigate suitable location for wild flowers area.  It was agreed that balance is required, and that current grass cut areas remain as such.

It was proposed to produce a Strategic Environmental Action Plan that will consider hedge growth as opposed to buying and planting new sapling which need watering.

Phil agreed to produce the Action Plan.




  There are concerns with an unauthorised opening onto the allotments.  This will be monitored in case it becomes a greater problem.


Village Ponds

  Lexden Road pond – the water is very low at the moment and it is therefore the ideal time to carry out any dredging activity. The area is currently very overgrown and needs to be cleared back. David Short will investigate if dredging can be completed whilst the water level is low. He will check with Laura the amount of money available for the project.

Hall Road pond is very overgrown. Plan of action needed. Suggest contact TCV and find out if they are working at the moment.


Scout Hut railings.

  These need attention and repainting which will be dealt with by Nigel.


Bourne Road street sign.

  The Bourne Rd sign and No Through Rd signs at the junction with Chapel Lane and Bourne Rd are missing and need replacement. The old signs are beyond useful life.  John to investigate with David to see if repairs are practical by the handymen. JGR & DS


Encroachment on Lorkin Daniell Field.

  This is in hand by Laura and a letter will be sent as appropriate.


Play Area.

  New equipment is being installed.

Weeds are growing on the rubberised surface under the climbing frame. David to discuss with the sub-contractor who installed the safety mat and the new equipment.




Report of motor bikes on LD Field

  The bikes do park in the car park and use the youth shelter.  John has talked to the lads but could see no evidence that bikes had been on the field.
Date of Next meeting 10th September at 5pm.