Environment & Highways – 8th July 2021

Environment & Highways – 8th July 2021

Plan for the Environment to support diversity

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 8th July 2021 with topics including:

  • Handymen activities including encouragement of wildlife on the Heath,
  • Village ponds now full,
  • Replacing trees at Orpen Hall,
  • Allotments, and
  • Wildlife sanctuaries.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 8th July 2021 in the Youth Shelter.

Members:John Gili-Ross (Chairman), Phil Spencer, David Short, Norma Smith, Jenny Church.
Apologies:Harry Stone
Also in attendance:One member of the public
1Handymen report
 Grass cutting remains a priority for Matt and Nigel.
Selected areas of the Heath have been cut with most areas being left for wildlife development.
Need to develop a plan of which areas should be left to encourage wildlife.
Upcoming project – The footway between the LD field and Mumford Close requires attention to build up with soil to help remove a trip hazard.   The immediate area to be sown with wildflowers in September.
Information to be put on the hub to explain why certain areas are not being cut.
Devolved Essex activities continue.
Grant has been agreed for the replacement vehicle and the Focus will be sold.
The Ride-on mower needs a repair and service.
2Village Ponds
 All village ponds are full at this time.
3Replacement of trees at front of Orpen Hall
 Of the 3 cherry trees remaining – one is dead and the other two are dying. They will need to be removed and the cost of doing so investigated.
It is proposed to replace the trees in the Autumn possibly with semi-mature trees being the preferred ideal. Phil suggests Holm Oaks. Before removing the current trees, Norma to put an item on the Hub explaining why the old trees are being taken down.
4Strategic Environmental Plan
 The current idea is to identify suitable areas in the village to be left as wildlife sanctuaries.
The area near the blue bridge would be a suggested first start.
Need to identify group of volunteers to care for ponds.
 Norma says the grass areas at the allotment need cutting.
 Date of next meeting Thursday 9th September 2021