Environment & Highways – 8th April 2021

Environment & Highways Meeting Held on  8th April 2021

Hillhouse Wood

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 8th April 2021 and discussed:

  • Handymen activities including grass cutting & play equipment,
  • Pond tidying,
  • Strategic Environmental Plan, and
  • Allotments.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 8th April 2021 via Zoom

Committee members

John Gili-Ross, Phil Spencer, Harry Stone, David Short, Norma Smith, Jenny Church. Murray Harlow.

1.Handymen Report 
 Essex devolved activities continues. Grass cutting – strimming grass at Play area and litter picking. Bench on Poor’s Land has been damaged by two boys. One parent contacted the PC to tell us. She says she wants her son to pay for the damage. Laura to talk to the family. David has looked at the bench and will assess what he needs to do. Meanwhile it was suggested that the boys concerned should do some litter picking in recompense. Norma to contact parent to organise the boys to litter-pick in Poor’s Land and/or Village Green areas. The car has broken down and was taken to garage in Wormingford and fuses were replaced to solve the problem. John noted that the MOT is due in July and it was agreed to have a “Pre-MOT” beforehand. Report from Inspection of Play Equipment identified some minor problems. John will look at what needs doing and plan who will do the repairs. Recruitment to replace David, who has officially retired, will commence from May 2021. David has agreed to carry out work “as and when”. Payment for any of this work will be decided at the Finance Committee. 
2.Village Ponds 
 Hall Road pond needs trimming and tidying. Phil will talk to Nigel about what needs doing. Lexden Road Pond and Queen’s Road Pond are satisfactory at the moment.PS    
3.Strategic Environmental Plan 
 A letter has been received from a village resident with suggestions as to planting more trees around the village. Phil plans to proceed with planting hedging rather than trees at the moment. Norma pointed out that there is a field maple in poor condition near the Blue Bridge that might need replacing. At the moment we need to plan to get a small group together to discuss and look at proposals for the village environment.              PS
4.Allotment Entrance 
 Norma is proposing that some identification is needed at the entrance to the allotments to prevent cars parking just in front of the entrance. This needs further investigation. 

Date of next meeting: – Thursday 13th May 2021.