Environment & Highways – 18th July 2019

Lexden Road POnd, discussed at Environment meeting on 18th July 2019Environment & Highways – 18th July 2019

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 18th July 2019 and discussed:

  • dredging Lexden Road pond,
  • the Heath,
  • potholes,
  • ditches & flooding,
  • allotments,
  • handymen,
  • playground equipment & more.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 18th July 2019 in Social Club meeting room

Committee members present: John Gili Ross, Jenny Church, Harry Stone, David Short, Norma Smith
Apologies: Philip Spencer



Village Ponds

Lexden Road Pond – quote obtained from Tom Todd for dredging the pond – £5292. One excavator to dig and drag, another to lift spoil away onto a truck. Last job was budgeted for 5 days but only took 3 days so the price could be less.   David to talk with Phil as to suitable times to carry out the work and with Tom to confirm if a delayed invoice to 1 April 2020 was acceptable. DS



Potholes on footway – a price will be needed for this. JGR



Pothole in Lexden Road and another at bottom of Newbridge Hill – reported to Essex Highways. David to discuss with the Highways Buddy contact whether this work can be expedited as it does not form part of the devolution pilot. DS


Traffic Hazard junction of Lexden Road and Hall Road.

A third letter has been sent to High Trees requesting for the hedge to be cut. Laura


Gulley and Ditch along Bures Road from Hall Road – Flooding

The Gully has been cleared by ECC Highways and flows freely now.


Allotment Report

  • Grass cutting has been completed by handymen.
  • Trip hazard at the entrance gate will be dealt with by handymen.
  • The rubbish bin by the gate has disappeared! Norma to ask Laura about replacement.
  • Gravel boards along footway are being replaced.
  • Parking in Chapel Road near allotment gate causing some obstruction. This needs to be monitored.



Handymen and EALC devolution Pilot

Quarterly report sent to Essex Highways. JGR


Ditch along New Church Road and School Lane.

  Work to commence w/c 29 July 2020 JGR


Footpath along Colchester Road – Hop House to Armoury Road.

  This footway is badly worn. Lewis Barber is investigating this


Playground equipment

  The Cone Climber is next to be installed. There is a meeting on Monday of the Advisory Group to plan next stage. HS


Recycling Crisp packets.

  Norma advised that the school was preparing to get involved with this. It would be difficult for PC to be involved. NS


Tree Charter Campaign

  It was agreed that Norma would raise this at the PC meeting NS


a)      The Ford Focus has passed MOT awaiting the bill for this.
  b)      The Garage door has failed, need to find out if they are under warranty.  Repair needs to be arranged HS
c)      Problem with parking on greensward opposite the village sign.    JGR
d)     Norma raised the idea of wildflower areas on verges. She will take this to the PC. NS

Date of next meeting will be in September.  There is no meeting in August.