Environment & Highways 14th October 2021

Highlights of Environment & Highways Meeting on 14th October 2021

Plan for the Environment to support diversity

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th October 2021 with topics including:

  • Handymen have been busy including cutting grass, dealing with a trip hazard in New Church Road,
  • Concern about overgrown Hall Road pond,
  • Hopkins Home building site,
  • Lorkin Daniell hedging & safety concerns, and
  • Orpen Hall tree replacement.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thurs 14th October 2021 in the Social Club Meeting Room

Members present: –John Gili-Ross (Chairman), Phil Spencer, Harry Stone, David Short, Jenny Church.
1Handymen Report
 Work continues with grass cutting and mowing. Signs need cleaning. Weed treating needs attention. Trip hazard in New Church Road has been dealt with. Devolved activities report to ECC needs sending in.
2Village Ponds
 All village ponds are fairly full at this time. The pond in Hall Road is very overgrown.
ART – Abberton Rural Training based in Wormingford will be contacted – Phil will be meeting with them tomorrow.
3Strip of land on Hopkins Home building site
 This area will be levelled and grassed. It was agreed by this committee that it would be appropriate to accept this offer. The Planning Committee needs to be involved.
4Hedging on Lorkin Daniell Field
 Trimming of hedge planned for 24th -26th. PS to discuss the maximum amount of cut height of the hedge with the contractor. DS will meet up with the contractor when the work is underway.
Decision taken by the committee to reduce the height of the hedge to remove the year’s growth level to a uniform level along the entire length, where practical.
5Replacement of trees at front of Orpen Hall
 Phil has suggested that 4 Holm Oaks should be purchased as replacements. We have had at least 3 offers of funding the replacements. The new trees will be kept at a reasonable height as pleached trees.
6Strategic Environmental Plan
 Work continues as planned.
7Mumford Oak Green
 Work continues here. Need to level pathway to field.
8Safety issues on LD field.
 There have been discussions with the Football Club to move the football pitch to allow for proposed new equipment. Harry wondered if we need fencing around the children’s play area. Decision taken that it would not be necessary.
  Date of next meeting Thursday 11th November 2021