Environment & Highways – 14th March 2019

Environment & Highways – 14th March 2019

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th March and discussed play equipment, ponds, heath, village of the year entry & much more.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 14th March 2019 in Social Club meeting room

Committee members present Philip Spencer, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Harry Stone, David Short
Apologies John Gili-Ross

In attendance – Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk) and 3 members of the public.


Lorkin Daniell Playground equipment

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for new equipment. It has already achieved £1150.00. The West Bergholt Film Club is also bringing in donations. Plans are in hand to have a stall at the village fete. Quotes for equipment have been received for 3 items including zip wire, new cone climber and the multi-play equipment will be upgraded.

Gym equipment – David has figures for this and will plan to put in for a grant in the future.




Village ponds

Queen’s Road pond has filled up well. The railing will need painting as will the railing at Hall Road pond. The paint has arrived.

Lexden Road pond will need de-silting. Recommend this is left until late Summer/Autumn. The silver birch in the middle of the pond is alive and sending out shoots. This island will need attention to remove the wild willows and allow the silver birch to grow again.



Ivor has this in hand to replace the necessary bollards.

The potholes on the footpath across the Heath will be filled by the handymen.

The gorse on the Heath will now be trimmed next year.



Hedging at High Trees in Lexden Road

The owners of the hedge have been requested to have the hedge cut back as it is obscuring the view from Hall Road into Lexden Road.

Building work is being carried out by Ponders on the opposite side of the road and vans are being parked causing more hazards for traffic, especially during school bus times. Laura to write to Planning Officer.



Allotment report

Any vacant plots are being filled.

The stall to offer produce for donations will open up in the summer again.


Handymen report

The spring on Poor’s Land gate has been repaired.

Plan to repaint gazebo on Lorkin Daniell Field.


Ditch along New Church Road

A contractor from Eight Ash Green has investigated. He has the equipment to do it. However, he will have to remove some of the small trees to the side of the ditch therefore, it might be wise to leave this at the moment to ascertain whether it is necessary to dredge. PS


Essex Village of the Year.

The application has been completed by Harry, Norma and Chris and has been submitted. Laura will send a copy to this committee. Laura


Bus stops in Lexden Road and Colchester Road.

The bus shelter in Lexden Road will be replaced in April.

The bus stop in Colchester Road will be moved to the greensward outside the Brewery site. The stopping place has been made ready but there is no bus stop in situ. Laura to follow this up.




Highways Devolution Pilot

The schedule of work for the Highways Devolution pilot scheme has been received. The papers on Scope of Work and Health and Safety considerations are to be read by all Parish Councillors.


Poor’s Land

An extra strip of grass, from the gate to the school back gate, needs regular cutting on Poor’s Land. Laura to confirm with grass cutting contractor. Laura


Repairs to playground equipment

Following the Playground Inspection report, a bolt cover needs replacing on the spring duck rocker. Laura to seek replacement. Laura


The Great British Spring Clean

This is planned for 20th April, Easter Saturday from 10-11am meeting at the Orpen Hall. Laura will organise it to coincide with the Great Big School Clean. Laura


Speeding along Colchester Road

Lewis Barber is following this up. To be discussed at the West Bergholt Traffic Safety meeting.


New signage

New entrance signage is to be installed at Orpen Hall. Laura


Water Bottle Refill Scheme

This scheme is currently running in East Bergholt. Pubs, cafes, shops join up to the scheme. The aim is to cut back on single use plastic water bottles. Venues in village would be asked to take part in the scheme to refill water bottles. Laura to investigate and Harry to follow this up. Laura & HS

Date of next meeting – Thursday 11th April 2019 at 5.30pm in the Social Club meeting room.