Environment & Highways 14th April 2022

Highlights of Environment & Highways Meeting on 14th April 2022

Bluebells - Environment = April 2022

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th April 2022 with topics including:

  • More new trees,
  • Plaques for trees,
  • Spraying of ponds in accordance with Environment Agency process
  • Repairs to Village Sign,
  • Handymen activities including mowing & Heath &
  • Preparations for Lighting of Beacon.

Environment Committee Minutes

Meeting held on 14th April 2022

Members present:John Gili-Ross, Harry Stone, Manya Barrow, James Owers, David Short.

1.   Resignation of Jenny Church

The resignation Jenny Church from the Parish Council and the Environment Committee was noted with regret. Thanks were expressed for her contribution over many years. She will be missed.

2.   Future minutes

It was agreed that in future the minutes of the Environment committee would be taken alternately by DS and HS.

3.   Plaques for new trees

It was agreed that the new plaques would be ordered from Envirosigns with the wording to be as agreed with the contributing parties and already circulated. All this subject to checking of the final specs by DS.

It was further agreed to construct a plinth for mounting of the Queen’s Jubilee plaque. The design of the plinth to be as per the preliminary sketch already submitted by DS – a scale drawing now to be produced. Two potential contractors to construct the plinth have been identified.

4.   Tree donations

Two additional new trees are to be donated and installed by TLC and Scissorhands both to be provisionally sited toward the boundary adjacent to the play area.

5.   Ponds

A programme of spraying of the ponds has been agreed between Phil Spencer and Nigel and is to be commenced shortly. JO to prepare a letter addressed to the Environment Agency advising them of our intentions and giving details of the spray products to be employed and the qualifications of the operatives.

6.   Handyman work schedule

Work has commenced on mowing the green areas as is usual. DS and JGR held a meeting with the school headteacher to explain the PC’s input and responsibility with regard to maintenance of the Heath and the handymen have been appraised of their duties in this regard.

7.   Village sign

Repairs to the sign are underway and Adrian Leach has kindly agreed to design and manufacture a new sleeve to accommodate the sign. AL will also advise on the state of the foundations of the new footings.

8.   Beacon

Preparations are almost complete for lighting the beacon save for treating the wood and combustible materials. A supply of paraffin remains to be purchased along with 4 plastic containers in which to soak the materials, these to be purchased by DS to be reimbursed by the PC. MB will kindly donate a supply of textile materials to aid combustion.

9.   Date of next meeting

The next Environment Committee meeting will be held at 5pm on Thursday 12th May 2022 in the Social Club Meeting Room, Orpen Memorial Hall, Lexden Road, CO6 3BW.

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