Environment & Highways – 12th September 2019

Environment & Highways – 12th September 2019

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 12th September 2019 and discussed:

  • dredging of Lexden Road Pond,
  • hedges & potholes on Heath,
  • ditches & flooding
  • playground equipment
  • allotments,
  • handymen & more.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 12th September 2019 in Social Club meeting room


Committee members present: Phil Spencer, David Short, Jenny Church
Apologies: John Gili Ross, Harry Stone, Norma Smith

Also, in attendance: – Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk) and 2 village residents


Village Ponds

  Lexden Road Pond – Dredging to be done. David to see and discuss with neighbours. Need an ecological survey – Laura to ask Environment Agency for advice. Notice of work on pond to be publicised at least two weeks in advance. Clerk/ DS
Queen’s Road pond – Barley straw bundle placed in pond and blanket weed disappearing.
Quote for repair and painting of railings reviewed needs to go to the Parish Council meeting for final approval



Potholes on footway – Phil to organise handymen patch pathway. PS
  Hedges on Heath, Poors Land and LD field to be trimmed. Also, areas on the Allotments. Phil has asked John Glover to do this, will be done 28th, 29th October. CBC road sweeper to be organised by Clerk for Oct 30th. Clerk


Ditch along New Church Road and School Lane.

  A new drain has been installed. It has been flood-tested but will need to be monitored.


Playground Equipment

  We should hear about the CIF grant by October 5th. Then propose to purchase new swings- including one for disabled. There is a meeting with a representative from Sovereign on Monday 23rd September to look at suitability and pricing. Then the Playground Advisory Group will be reconvened.
  It is suggested that a path could be installed to the play area for anyone with walking difficulties to negotiate. David will investigate. DS



  There is a trip hazard the entrance gate where the rubbish bin used to be. The handymen to be asked to try to repair. PS
  In future, the Allotments will be dealt with as a separate Trustee Committee so will no longer be an item on of this committee’s agenda


Handymen report

  Grass cutting has been in progress.
  A memorial bench on the LD field has been removed as it was rotten, David will investigate cost of replacement. The quote will need to go to the Finance committee. The handymen will install the new one. DS
  The devolved work schedule for Essex Highways needs completing for Essex Highways – John will do this. JGR
  Other Essex issues that could not be managed by the Handymen were highlighted: –

Pothole/broken surface at the bottom of Newbridge Hill.

Norma has reported to the meeting the following: –

  1. Area of subsidence in Bourne Road opposite Chapel Lane.
  2. Water leak in Bourne Road just passed subsided area as you go down the hill.
  3. Missing road sign (“Bourne Road”) on corner of verge by subsided area. Laura will check with CBC about this.


Deviation of Footpath 14

  The short deviation to the footpath was agreed.


Playground Equipment

  Resident commented on the importance of involving the Playground Advisory Group for planning new equipment.


Hedge alongside of LD Field

  Resident asked if the hedge could be reduced along the stretch facing their home. Phil responded that we plan to cut the hedge to the same height along the entire length of the hedge for aesthetic reasons.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 10th October at 5.30pm in the Social Club meeting room.