Environment & Highways 12th May 2022

Highlights of Environment & Highways Meeting on 12th May 2022

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The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 12th May 2022 with topics including:

  • Electing a committee chair;
  • Support for the Jubilee Festival,
  • Village sign & memorial signs,
  • Pond maintenance actions,
  • Handyman training &
  • Storage.

Environment Committee Minutes

Meeting held on 12th May 2022

Members present:John Gili-Ross, Manya Barrow, David Short
Apologies:Harry Stone, James Owers

1.    Election of Chairman

An election for the Chairman of this committee was held and JGR was returned unopposed.

2.    Jubilee Festival

It was agreed that the handymen would be available to attend the Jubilee celebrations on 4th June. They will be recompensed from the Jubilee fund.

3.    Work in progress:

  1. Village sign: A new sleeve supplied by Adrian Leach will be fitted followed by erection of the village sign
  2. Work will commence next week to erect a plinth for the insertion of the Jubilee plaque. Dennis Brown has been engaged to do the work which will be done at cost of materials only. The handymen will assist.
  3. Memorial signs for the new trees are to be installed on the entrance brickwork at the Orpen Hall.

4.    Handyman work schedule

The handymen will undertake a schedule of regular tasks including grass mowing in addition to 3(b) above.

5.    Playground inspection

Work is in hand to implement items recommended by the Inspector.

6.    Ponds

  1. Hall Road Pond: It was agreed that the Conservation Volunteers group would be engaged for one day at a cost of £260 (subject to finance agreement) to clear the red Azolla weed from the pond. This would be on a trial basis and may lead to further projects being undertaken.
  2. Pond spraying: A letter addressed to the Environment Agency has been prepared. The letter advises of our intention to spray a proportion of the ponds to inhibit growth of reed-mace etc.

7.    Tree donations

  1. The trees to be donated by Scissorhands and TLC have been ordered and sites for planting have been chosen.
  2. A replacement ornamental pear tree as a replacement for the incorrectly installed tree has been ordered by Oak View Landscapes.

8.    Storage

The need for additional storage space at the Orpen Hall was discussed and it was agreed that the matter would be further explored and possible sources of funding for the venture would be explored.

9.    Training

Training courses for Simon have been booked (spraying and tree maintenance) and funding for same resourced.

10. Date of next meeting

The next Environment Committee meeting will be held at 5pm on Thursday 9th June 2022 in the Social Club Meeting Room, Orpen Memorial Hall, Lexden Road, CO6 3BW.

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