Environment & Highways – 12th December 2019

Environment & Highways – 12th December 2019

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 12th December 2019 and discussed:

  • Ponds,
  • Trees,
  • Handymen,
  • Buses & stops, &
  • Doctor’s car park.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 12th December 2019 in Social Club meeting room

Committee members present John Gil Ross, Phil Spencer, Harry Stone, David Short, Norma Smith, Jenny Church



Village Ponds

  Clearing of ponds postponed until August.

Test ponds for wildlife prior to work on ponds.

  Railings at Queen’s Road pond to be repainted and replaced as necessary by Adrian Leach – check this with Laura. LW


Tree Charter

  Norma proposed to complete the application form so that WB would become a member of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People.  Once completed the form would be agreed with PS.

The state of ash trees in Hill House Wood will need investigating.

Any of our trees or hedges that need replacing could be paid for out of Trees and Hedges budget.

CBC is proposing to give away small trees – need to find out the size of these trees. Norma to investigate costs.




  Replacing broken fence posts at allotments.

Nigel to investigate our trees to assess need for pruning or removal.

The storage space has been organised with some roofing.

Beacons require cleaning.

Salt bags to be allocated to strategic sites in readiness for bad weather.

Play equipment – swings to be repainted when weather permits.


  The report on Devolved Work from ECC will be due soon – John will deal with this. JGR


Bus stop in Lexden Road.

  ECC Highways have agreed to move the Hall Road bus stop in Lexden Road to   a more suitable site along the road.  


School buses parking in Lexden Road

  The hazard associated with buses parking opposite Hall Road has been discussed with Ann Brown. The bus drivers will be requested to move further down Lexden Road.  


Car Park at Doctors surgery

  This car park belongs to CBC not the doctors and therefore it is not part of our snow clearing programme.  

Date of next meeting will be on Thursday 8th January 2020