Environment & Highways – 12th April 2018

Environment & Highways – 12th April 2018

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 12th April and discussed the Duck house, practice goal, playgrounds, the Heath, tree survey, pond care, Argents Lane sign, storage, play equipment, village warden, salt bags, allotments & handymen.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 12th April 2018 in Orpen Hall

Committee members present John Gili-Ross, Harry Stone, Philip Spencer, Murray Harlow, David Short, Jenny Church.
Apologies Janet Crichton



Items from last meeting

 a) Repair of Duck House roof on hold until weather improves
 b) Practice Goal area – The only quote so far is very expensive, and Finance Committee asked that we look for more quotes. The worn-down areas have been infilled and levelled to prevent accidents. Phil will sort out more quotes for repair and extension of the area. PS
 c) Playground equipment – the new equipment has arrived and is stored in the lock-up. Plastic matting needs replacing when weather permits Handy men
 d) Wooden barrier at entrance to Heath will be reviewed when weather permits. The hawthorn hedging behind the barrier is growing well.
 e) Steps to church have been repaired and a good job has been made of this.
 f) Heather on Heath – propose to put in some protection for the patches of heather. Suggest small paling fencing approx. 2’6” high. PS
 g) The Parish land tree survey has been carried out. All trees are numbered and recorded.  This was an excellent job.
 h) Care of ponds for next year – David has been asking for quotes for this work. Quotes have been received from TLC and Landscape services.

The spoil from Hall Road pond will be removed by Seven Arches Farm.

Phil suggests that as the irises appear to be growing again we might need to think of using Roundup.

The silver birch which was cut down by mistake in the central island of Lexden Road pond needs encouragement. Phil suggests surrounding the base of the tree with protective plastic wrapper to protect any new shoots.

 i) Road signage “Unsuitable for HGVs” is in place at the top and bottom of Argents Lane. The signs are very clear. Thanks to David for organising this.
 j) Eco survey of Heath will be carried out in the summer – 4th July.

Thanks to Phil for organising this.

 k) The Hedge strimmer has now been repaired.


Handy men Work report

 a) Electrics have been fitted in the lock-up.
 b) Concreting is needed outside shed C. A digger has arrived and tonnes of hard core etc. Much work has already started despite the difficult weather.
 c) Picture frames need affixing to walls in the Orpen Hall.
 d) The play equipment will be installed when weather permits.


Village Warden Appointment.

A contract will need to be drawn up and work programme planned. The warden will need to attend training programmes including Road Safety, Use of chemicals, Personal Protection Equipment. Harry agreed to plan these. HS


Salt Bags

Salt bags will need ordering for next year. Harry to check on this. The salt will be stored at the back of the garage in future. Need to check state of salt bags stored at strategic points in the village. Investigate cost of new salt spreader. HS



Harry reported from the Allotment Committee. The biggest concern was with a few plots that are not being used and encourage weeds. This will need assessing.


Trees opposite Henderson Close

These are very large trees but are the responsibility of Essex County Council. Need to check if they have TPOs. PS


Monitoring Handymen

Phil has agreed to take this on when John is away in May. PS

Date of next meeting – Thursday 10th May 2018 5.30pm, Orpen Hall