Environment & Highways – 11th February 2021

EnvironmentEnvironment & Highways Meeting Held on  14th January 2021

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 11th February 2021 and discussed:

  • Snow clearing,
  • Update on ponds,
  • Village Signs.
  • Playground access path,
  • The Heath,
  • Hedging at Lorkin Daniell Field,
  • Allotments, and
  • Handymen report.

Environment & Highways Minutes

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 11th February 2021 via Zoom

Committee members John Gili Ross, Phil Spencer, Harry Stone, David Short, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow
Apologie Norma Smith



Handymen Report


  David has given his notice of retirement effective from the end of this financial year.

Projects re: trees and hedges continue.

Flood clearance work and placing of warning signs at the bottom of Chitts Hill.

Signage cleaned and repair as necessary.

Snow clearing and winter salt work has been very helpful.

Quarterly report of Essex Highways devolved activities has been completed.

We wait to hear if ECC Highways will continue to fund the Devolution project in the new financial year.



Village Ponds

  All ponds are very full from the recent wet weather.

All ponds look very attractive in the current snowy weather.

The new strip of hedging at Queens Road pond – A number of letters of complaint from residents opposite the pond have been received regarding the new hedging.

A replied drafted explaining the purpose of the hedging and detailing the maintenance height and spread. Following lengthy debate the committee recommend moving the saplings to the walled area to the right of the pond facing the pub.  The recommendation will be sent to the full Parish Council for a decision.



Playground Access Path

  The grant application has been successful.  David to confirm the costs remain valid with each contractor together with timescales to implement. David to recommend the contractor to use, confirm the costs and send this to the environment members plus AS and CS. DS


Hedge on Lorkin Daniell Field

A letter regarding the hedge between their property and the play area requesting that the hedge there be lowered adjacent to their property.  The committee discussed in depth and concluded the height of the hedge should be the same along its entire length in the manner it has been for many years.


Sheds on Allotments.

  Break-in to sheds on the allotments has recently occurred but no loss reported. It is assumed this was an act of vandalism and not an attempt to steal property.  


Snow Clearing

  After the recent snow, salt supply needs to be checked.  
  One of the gritters is nearing end of life and needs to be replaced. Harry will investigate a replacement. HS


Village Signs

Decision taken to postpone any change to village entry signs at this time.





Nigel has been tidying up the Heath. Ivy has been removed from all trees.

There is a tree in the alleyway between Chapel Road and the CBC properties which may need attention – Laura to contact CBC to check their tree.



Grass area between Pirie Road and the Surgery

Cllr Lewis Barber will make enquiries as to transfer of land ownership.


Date of next meeting:- Thursday 11th March 2021.