Environment & Highways – 10th January 2019

Environment & Highways – 10th January 2019

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 10th January and discussed play equipment, ponds, street furniture, bus shelter, buses parking, handymen, trees and much AOB.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 10th January 2019 in Orpen Hall

Committee members present  Philip Spencer, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Harry Stone
Apologies John Gili Ross, David Short

In attendance – Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk) and Norma Smith.


Playground Equipment

The Playground group has not met yet this year. CIF funding of £10,000 has been received, £207.37 has been donated from film club. There will be 3-year phases for the project.
Gym equipment – David has figures for this and will be discussing with Chris re putting in for a grant. DS


Village Ponds

Hall Road pond – grips are in place to help prevent flooding.

Queen’s Road pond – is gradually filling up following the dredging.

Both ponds need to have the rails repainted. The handymen will do this.


Street Furniture

Laura reported that this should be carried out by next Monday. Laura



9 bollards need replacing and others need straightening. Phil is organising for Ivor to do this.

Pot holes on the path across the Heath near the entrance from School Lane need filling. The handymen will do this.

Gorse needs cutting back.



Bus Shelter for Lexden Road

£7537.00 has been received from bus company insurers. Laura is awaiting a quote from a company to install the replacement shelter. Laura


School buses parking opposite Hall Road.

Local Highways Panel are organising for yellow bus lines to be painted further down Lexden Road some time in 2019.


Allotments Report

Vacant plots are being taken up.

The social gathering held for allotment holders was a great success.


Handymen Update

The concrete ramp to Orpen Players lock-up has been completed.

The height of the inspection hole has been reduced so that it is now flush with the ramp.

Bollards to Lorkin Daniell field are in the process of being replaced for security reasons.


Chemical Store

A lockable store for chemicals is required. Propose an old fridge/freezer would be possible. Phil will investigate. PS


Dog Waste Bin

There has been a request for a dog waste bin in the area of Bourne Road. As there is not one in the near vicinity it was proposed to go ahead and order one.

Recommend to the PC.





Trees on Lorkin Daniell Field

Neighbours in Henderson Close reported a fallen tree. It was on our land as it was part of the hedging. Many thanks to Mick Bell for dealing with this and clearing away the wood.
A second tree in the hedge is in imminent danger of falling. Phil to arrange for TLC to deal with this and the stump of the fallen tree. PS
The tree by the MUGA where the roots are encroaching on to the MUGA needs felling and removing – the handymen will do this. PS
Plan to replace trees on the field. Commence with 3 trees and add to in commemoration of events in the future.


Net to protect properties in Henderson Close

The PC will not be re-investigating the idea of a ball-stop net. The PC does not accept any liability. It would set a false precedent for the future. The protection of properties should lie with the developers, Glenmoor.


Ditch along New Church Road

The ditch along the road from the Scout Hut to the corner of School Road needs digging out. Phil to organise. PS



Snow Patrol

Salt sacks have been strategically placed around the village. The organisers have been identified.


Essex Village of the Year

Proposal to enter this year. Harry and Norma will start investigating our entry.


Great British Spring Clean

Planned for March 22nd – April 23rd. Laura will organise groups. Laura


Potholes in Armoury Road

This is a private road and the residents are responsible for repair.
Amendment at PC meeting: “the potholes referred to were along the Armoury Farm section of the Road, which is privately owned and maintained.”


Whitehouse Lane

Hedges are overhanging – Laura will write to the resident responsible. Laura


High Trees in Lexden Road

Hedges are growing out into the road, reducing visibility for cars exiting Hall Road and need cutting back – Laura to write to owners. Laura


Brambles in Albany Close

Handymen to cut back overhanging brambles PS


Grass Cutting on Heath

Phil made enquiries about how the grass cutter machine moves across the bollarded path. Do not want to have new bollards damaged in the future. Laura to contact the contractor. Laura


Overgrowth of Summer Vegetation on PROW

Handymen to deal with PROW cutting following devolution.

Date of next meeting – Thursday 14th February 2019