Do you want to be heard & other news

Do you want to be heard?

If you think that your views are not being heard then read on. Other news also about:

Attributes of a good Parish Councillor
What makes a good councillor?

So, do you have strong views on what’s wrong with the village or feel that you are not being heard?  Do you think the Parish Council could…

  • take more account of views like yours?  
  • do more about climate change?
  • address the needs of your ‘demographic’ (race, age, gender etc…)?

If so, don’t be shy, this is a great time to join them as they debate matters such as:

  • declaring a climate emergency,
  • achieving Quality Gold Award,
  • traffic safety, and
  • organising the village festival! 

There are two vacancies at present. We published the Notice of Vacancy in November but no election was called for by residents; this means that the council is now able to co-opt new councillors.  Pop along to upcoming council meetings to see how they work or, perhaps, contact the Parish Clerk to get more information. 

About the Parish Council

The West Bergholt Parish Council consists of 11 Parish Councillors; collectively they are responsible for administering a significant budget for the benefit of the local community.  The Parish Council has powers to provide local infrastructure such as allotments, play areas, village halls. By being closer to the local community, they can more easily meet local needs.  Planning applications are subject to Parish Council consultation if they affect the village.

The Parish Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month except August and December. The Parish Clerk posts the Agenda for each meeting on notice boards at least five days before the meeting; it is also available on the website. Find out more, including eligibility, conditions on our website.

Primary Deadline Fast Approaching

If your child was born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018 you only have until 15th January to apply for a place at your preferred primary school.


Apply online for a Reception school place up to and including the 15 January 2022. All application received after 15 January will be treated as late and will only be processed after all on-time applications. You are less likely to get a place at one of your preferred schools if you apply later.

CrimeStoppers & Sexual Harassment

CrimeStoppers - Speak up.  Stay safe.

Sexual harassment takes many forms. All of them need to be stopped.

CrimeStoppers has commissioned a major piece of research, working in partnership with the University of Suffolk Centre for Abuse Research. They have launched it with ananonymous survey: ‘Safe in public: understanding how sexual harassment affects people’s use of public space’.

The aim of this research is to learn

  • learn more about people’s experiences of sexual harassment in public spaces,
  • how people think we should talk about these behaviours, and
  • how people think we should respond to these behaviours to make public spaces safe and accessible.

The findings from this research will become the cornerstone of a national campaign CrimeStoppers will run later this year. It will focus on challenging perpetrator behaviour and working to take a stand against sexual harassment in all its forms. 

To make this research really count they need 2000 responses, please participate if you have strong views on this topic.