Do you have a vision for the future of the MUGA?

Vision for Sports at the MUGADo you have a vision for the future of the MUGA?

The MUGA/Tennis Court surface by the Orpen Hall is reaching the end of its life and we need to develop a vision for its future.  The Parish Council would like to set up a Working Group of potential users to investigate the use of the MUGA and the provision of an appropriate surface which needs to be renewed.

We need to answer some questions

  • Should the MUGA be fully multipurpose, with facilities for hockey, netball, basketball, and 5-a-side football?
  • Or should it remain as solely for tennis?
  • Which surface and equipment benefits the most residents?
  • Who would use it and when?

Are you the one to help answer them?


The MUGA Working Group is a ‘task and finish committee’.  It will look at the use and funding of a new surface resulting in a proposal to the Parish Council.  It will comprise parish councillors, current user representatives and …

  • Representatives of other groups or sports who feel they could contribute to the conversation.

The group’s terms of reference were agreed at Parish Council meeting on 26th February 2020 and are available to review here.

Do you have some great idea, do you want to get involved?

The first meeting (via Zoom) to look into these questions is planned for mid-August. , Please contact the Parish Clerk on 01206 240772 or email [email protected] if you are interested in joining this group.