Day 75 of (did I miss) Lockdown – the D-Day edition

Jim Radford reflects on D-Day on day 75Day 75 of (did I miss) Lockdown

There isn’t much to report on from Day 75 but what few bits have been culled from Social Media.  This edition, though, is more about music and the anniversary of D-Day that couldn’t be commemorated as veterans might have liked.

Recycling Nearly Back to Normal

Collections return to normal on 22 June, please use the 2020/21 recycling calendar which covers the period until March 2021 or visit to check your collection information.

Residents on assisted collections and flats with communal rubbish and recycling collections will continue to receive their normal service.

Colchester Pride

Although the event scheduled for next weekend has been cancelled, June is still  Pride Month and Colchester Museums will be lighting Colchester Castle with a rainbow every evening.  The Pride flag will be flying high above the Castle & Town Hall on the weekend of Colchester Pride as well! ????️‍????

The Shores of Normandy

Jim Radford was 15 when he sailed into Gold Beach on D-Day; he was interviewed on radio today (he is now 91) about his regrets about not being able to visit Normandy this year.  This song relates his recollections of the day 76 years ago; I believe this was recorded when he was 85!


Another war, another beach landing just over 105 years ago.  This provides another thoughtful song that reminds me (webmaster) of my Grandfather who spent several days on the beach having been shot in the legs.  He was evacuated on the same ship he had arrived on!