Day 24 of Lockdown – The “Wot No ….” Edition

Day 24 of Lockdown

Day 24 starts off being a day of cancellations, passes by some gratitude from the NHS and moves on to an inevitable lighter moment with a musical cups game to try with the kids.  Don’t forget to join the applause for those in the front line tonight!


Village Bulletin

Whilst recognising that the Village Bulletin is particularly appreciated by those without access to technology, the difficult decision has been made to NOT issue a Summer Bulletin this year.  The main factors behind this decision are:

  • many of the volunteer distributors are self-isolating, and
  • people’s concerns regarding contamination of items through their letterboxes.

Village Fete

Some of the Fete’s proposed highlights have already cancelled.  Given that, and the continuing uncertainty, it is with sadness that the organisers have decided to cancel.  They are, though, already looking to 2021.  They would like to make that a truly special event so, if you have contact with some truly special attractions, please let the Parish Clerk know.

Thank You From the NHS

Today is the day when we (now) traditionally give thanks to the NHS and other frontline workers.  Reversing this, the Chief Exec of the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust offers some gratitude back to the public.  As Nick Hulme says:

We have been overwhelmed by the enormous levels of generosity shown towards our teams by our communities over the last few weeks.

I would personally like to thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to make these gestures and donations.

Thanks to your generosity, we now have a surplus of donated food. We recognise that many people and their families are suffering enormously as a result of the financial consequences of the lockdown.  Accordingly we have decided to donate all the surplus food gifts to the local charities for people in much greater need, and to other local care organisations.

If you would like to contribute to the well-being of our staff with a longer-asting legacy, please donate to our staff welfare fund Covid-19 Staff Wellbeing Appeal This will allow us to

  • provide ongoing support to our teams during and after the pandemic, and
  • focus on the welfare, wellbeing and education of our staff.

Please continue with your kind offers of donations of personal protective equipment by getting in touch with [email protected]

Thank you once again.

He added in another announcement:

This evening, the nation will clap for all the carers, key workers and our NHS; we will clap for all the stay at home heroes who are protecting the NHS.

I have always felt very proud to work for the NHS. The generosity shown to us at ESNEFT by our local community is fantastic. These exceptional times are being matched by extraordinary kindness.

Cups Game Singalong