Day 22 of Lockdown – The Loud Music Edition

CBC appeal to reduce loud music on day 22Day 22 of Lockdown

On Day 22 there is an appeal from Colchester Borough Council (CBC) about loud music; also a few other items from various sources.

Neighbourly Consideration

Upset residents, including key workers, are increasingly calling CBC about noise levels from neighbouring properties.  The increase comes as more and more families respond to Government advise to stay home.

In response, the council is appealing to everyone to be as thoughtful as possible towards their neighbours many of whom may well be key workers.  It is calling on all residents to be aware of the noise levels in their homes and gardens and, where possible, take action to reduce it.  At the same time, it is hoping all communities can show greater tolerance of the noise and activity happening around them.

Cllr Mike Lilley, Portfolio Holder for Communities, Wellbeing and Public Safety, said:

Our local communities are rising to the challenge of the advice to ‘Stay at Home’ and I want to thank them for their commitment and patience in meeting these restrictions which will help save lives.

However, it means we are all seeing and hearing more of our neighbours than ever before. We urge everyone to think about how noise from our homes could be causing problems and upset to others, especially for our key workers who need time to rest and recuperate at this critical time.

The main topics of complaint have been listed together with potential remedies in this document.

Cllr Lilley added:

Whilst we have powers to investigate complaints about noise under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, we will only deal with situations that would be considered as persistent and unreasonable behaviour. We understand that most people can’t help making noise as they try to go about their day to day lives, we’re calling on everyone to turn down the volume where they can whilst showing tolerance to other people and families in lockdown.

Parks Remaining Open

Apparently, everybody was pretty well-behaved over the Easter weekend.  OK, for many of us the weekend was indistinguishable from our new reality, but the Borough Council were concerned we would misbehave.  As it turned out we did a good job observing social distance and so, as long as that continues, the parks will remain open.  CBC’s public safety chief, Mike Lilley, said:

There were no major problems or instances reported in the parks over Easter.  We were worried that people weren’t listening in the lead up to it, and that, alongside the good weather meant we were really concerned.

Good Friday was used as a barometer but people do seem to have got the message.  There will always be people who don’t follow the rules and the police did intervene on occasions but the majority followed the rules.  We really didn’t want to shut the parks because they are good for people to get the exercise recommended by the Government.

Colchester FoodbankFoodbank Appeal

Increasing numbers of people are turning to foodbanks during the COVID-19 crisis.  ECC has set up a fundraising page to support an urgent appeal for money since food donations which have been reducing:

Every donation will be held on behalf of ECC, ready to distribute to local foodbanks across the county.

CharityHelp for Fundraisers

A free COVID-19 Funder database will launch on Monday, 20th April. I t will have far more funders and be searchable using a range of criteria. It will be available for use by all charity & community groups.  Those in the frontline protecting us will have their own search criteria for funders specific to them.  The COVID19 funder list includes 300+ funders for both community groups and individuals. It and the 4 charity recovery toolkits can be downloaded from the Charity Excellence Framework website.

DEFRA Food Supplies Update

Attached below is the full DEFRA update; the ‘headlines’ it addresses include:

  • Support for retailers.  Recognising the efforts they are making to keep supplies topped up.  It describes measures they are taking to make their task easier.
  • Shielding the vulnerable.  They are giving support to get essential food supplies to them.
  • Support for those who work in the food chain.

Sec of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Food Supply Letter.

Hello (From the Inside)

Enjoy Chris Mann’s reinterpretation of Adele’s song: