Chitts Hill & Chapel Road Closures

The next few weeks will see Chitts Hill closed for through traffic twice and Chapel Road just once. All dates are indicative and may vary according to operational needs. The following are in date order, but in inverse order of severity.

Chitts Hill – 28th July

Map locating two closures at Chitts Hill and diversion route

This closure is to permit Openreach to complete some works. Chitts Hill will be closed from its’ junction with Argents Lane in a southerly direction for around 170m. The recommended diversion route is via Argents lane, Spring Lane and Halstead Rod (or, of course, vice versa).

Chapel Road – 15th August

UK Power Networks are working on this project which is scheduled to be completed by 19th August. They will start near Spring Lane and extend towards Donard Drive for about 50m. The local diversion will be via Donard Drive and Mumford Road.

Chitts Hill – 18th August

This time, the closure will be for around 22 days so will still be ongoing when schools return! M Anderson Construction Ltd are undertaking these construction works. They will start from near the level crossing, again in a southerly direction, for around 150m. The diversion route is the same as above.

You can follow upcoming road closures and other local road events on our Transport page on this site.

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