Casual Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

Do you want to guide the future of West Bergholt?

Attributes of a good Parish Councillor - current vacancy

Following the resignation of a councillor, West Bergholt Parish Council currently has a vacancy.  Would you make a good parish councillor, or perhaps you know somebody else who could? In either case, why not visit a council meeting to see how it works? The next one is on 27th April at 7:30 pm in the Orpen Hall.    Contact the Parish Clerk – Laura Walkingshaw – at [email protected] for more details if interested,.

About the Parish Council

The West Bergholt Parish Council consists of 11 Parish Councillors; collectively they are responsible for administering a significant budget for the benefit of the local community.  The Parish Council has powers to provide local infrastructure such as allotments, play areas & village halls. By being closer to the local community, they can more easily meet local needs.  Planning applications are subject to Parish Council consultation if they affect the village.

The Parish Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month except August and December. The Parish Clerk posts the Agenda for each meeting on notice boards at least five days before the meeting; it is also available on the website. Find out more, including eligibility, conditions etc. here.

The Official Bit

In accordance with legal requirements Colchester Borough Council has issued a ‘Notice of Casual Vacancy’.  Ten registered electors will need to ask for an election to be held for these positions, in writing, if an election is to be held.  If this does not happen, the Parish Council will be free to fill the vacancies by co-option

To request an election you should contact CBC Electoral Services by 5 pm on 9th May by either:

  • Email – [email protected],
  • Snailmail – Electoral Services, Rowan House, Sheepen Road, Colchester, CO3 3WG, or
  • By hand – Colchester Town Hall, High Street, Colchester CO1 1PJ.
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