BYG Needs You!

BYG Needs YouBYG Needs You!

BYG has been running for over 7 years now, growing in popularity during this time. There are currently over 100 registered members in school years 6 to 10 with each Club evening being attended by between 60 and 70 children.

Although the volunteer list has seen many people come and go over the years, it is the same core of adults that still make up both the Club evening “crew” and the management committee. However after 8 years many of this original group are now looking to step aside.

In addition to the adults, most of the Youth crew, who have come up through the membership, are of a similar age.  Some have already been lost to University and over the next 18 months most of the remainder will also depart.

Without an injection of new volunteers – both adult and youth (school year 10 and above), BYG will not be viable and unfortunately will have to close its doors. It is, therefore, necessary to  start planning now.  By the end of this year a new core of volunteers needs to be in place

If you are interested in helping BYG in any way – ad-hoc or more formally by regular attendance at Club evenings or as a new management committee member – please contact Harry Stone on 01206 241026 or by email: [email protected]