And The Winner Is … Erle Havard Play Area

Erle Havard Play Area - The winnerAnd The Winner Is

The consultation on upgrading the Erle Havard Play Area has been completed and the winner was option 4.   Kompan has now been contracted to provide the chosen design and it is hoped to be installed in Spring; obviously, as with everything now, COVID-19 permitting.

The installation, costing £35,000, will include:

  • Balance post with rope,
  • Single balance beam,
  • 5 x Waterlilies stepping posts,
  • Daisy springer,
  • Spinner bowl,
  • Mega Matterhorn climbing wall and bars,
  • Two tower playhouse,
  • Spinning post,
  • Three bay swing set with a shell seat for those with mobility issues,
  • Seating, and
  • Rubber mulch safety surface.

The playground has been designed to be colourful & creative with a capacity for around 25 kids aged between 1 – 12 years old.  Kompan’s designer, Kieran, said that

…. the design uses the existing mounds as a play feature in conjunction with a wide range of play activity for all ages.  The play items form a natural progression from toddler to pre-teen with inclusive features.