Allotments Spring Update – COVID-19

Allotments Spring Update

The following Spring Update has been issued by the Allotments Committee:

Hello Plot holders

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, we have had to make some important changes to the way we are running the allotments from now.  These changes we feel are important in safeguarding the well being of our plot holders and local residents during these difficult times.

Therefore, effective immediately the following now applies:

  1. Charity Stall to close.
  2. All bonfires cancelled¹.
  3. Planned site meetings and committee meetings cancelled.
  4. Restrict Children under 18 on site.
  5. Social distancing rules must be followed. Minimum 2 metres apart.
  6. Those with serious medical conditions not to come on site – see latest Gov. advice.

All above apply until further notice – and subject to change.

We will try and keep the gates open during the day to minimise hand contact.

To help us on the site – please could you remove your rubbish from site and not dump in other areas or plots.

Keep grass around your plots cut.

Need Volunteers (under 70’s) to cut the main tracks, as Village Handyman will not be able to
do it this year due to commitments to help others in village. Please contact Merv – nbr on boards.

Any issues\problems you may have during this time please contact the Parish Clerk or Terry Claydon.

Your cooperation in all the above would be much appreciated to safeguard everyone and also
ensure we can keep site open as long as possible.

Wish all plot holders and residents a safe and healthy time ahead.

West Bergholt Allotment Association – Terry Claydon Chair 01206 241256  /   07707580822 [email protected]

1. NOTE: It is requested that all villagers refrain from lighting bonfires during the epidemic as fires could cause respiratory issues for the vulnerable.