A12 Urgent Resurfacing Overnight 15th January

Diversion route for closure of A12A12 Urgent Resurfacing Overnight 15th January

We have been informed that urgent resurfacing will be taking place between 8 pm to 6 am overnight on 15th January (weather permitting).  Kier Highways will be closing the road SOUTHBOUND between junctions 28 and 26.  They will put a diversion in place via A1232 and A133 before re-joining the A12 southbound at junction 26.


We often direct you to the Roadworks.org tool on this website to see what traffic disruptions there might be either on the day or in the near future.  This tool is flagging up a similar project but this could involve closures northbound between junctions 27 to 29; on calling Highways England it has not been able to clarify this.



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