2019 Spring Flower Walk – Bluebell Heaven

Bluebells at Hillhouse Wood - 2019 Spring Walk
Hillhouse Wood is renowned for its bluebell display every spring

2019 Spring Flower Walk

Steve Hallam’s Guided 2019 Spring flower walk is fast approaching.  These gentle walks guide you from the Old Church into the wonderful Hillhouse Woods in their spring glory where you might be fortunate to see many species of wildlife as well as spring flowers.

The guided walk starts at the Old Church at 2 pm on Saturday 27th April; collect a map, nature trail and guide from the Friends of Hillhouse Wood information point.  For those wanting to walk at their own pace, or maybe just miss the rush, the Information Point will remain open until around 3:30 pm.  In a typical year you are likely to see the following flowers:

  • Purple Orchids,
  • Lesser Celandine,
  • Wood Anemones,
  • Greater Stitchwort,
  • Lady’s Smock,
  • Yellow Archangel,
  • Wild Garlic,
  • Wood Sorrel,
  • Alternate-leaved Golden Saxifrage (great name but quite boring apparently), and, of course
  • Vistas of Bluebells.

There are also numerous birds and other species you may be lucky to see including the melodious Nightingales that inhabit the woods.

Previous Walks

The most recent walks led by Steve were the Winter Bird, and Autumn Fruits Walks.  The Autumn Fruits walk saw glorious weather and a good range of fruits to examine although, as with all these walks, some regulars not in as much abundance as usual and some much more so.  The winter bird walk, by contrast, was punctuated by post-Freya blustery conditions and a hyper-active Spaniel.

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Visit The Church

While you are there, why not check out the recent renovation work at the Old Church as well?